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  • Fuel Prices Remains Unchanged.

Fuel Prices Remains Unchanged.

Fuel prices in the last two months have been rising to a three-digit high leading to a backlash from the public against the government. The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority…

OPINION: Embarambamba Is Wild

Embarambamba is the most dramatic Kisii artist. He is a musician without limits in his style of singing.

Women Arrested With M4 Sniper Rifle.

Detectives remain in a mystery after seizing firearms( m4 sniper rifle) and ammunition from two women. Coincidentally, the two women.....

Akorino Breaking The Norm

It is assumed that most Akorinos wear clothes just anyhow and are mostly in long clothes that are not fashionable.

Fuel prices rise again.

. Fuel prices will increase from Wednesday midnight to the highest level in Kenya’s history.