• Wed. Jan 20th, 2021

Sirisia MP John Waluke has won the hearts of 57 inmates at Kamiti prisons after settling their fines. The legislator revealed that he decided to pay the fines mostly because he was at a position where he could pay the bills comfortably. He also stated that he was distraught after discovering that some of the inmates were serving time because they could not raise fines as little as Ksh 1,000. “I did it in my own capacity as a legislator because I could afford it.

Sirisia MP John Waluke

Waluke paid the fines on Monday, September 28, the same day he was freed from the prison on a Ksh10 million cash bail or an alternative Ksh20 million bond. For four months Waluke had been behind bars since he was sentenced to 67 years in prison or alternatively, pay a fine of Sh707 million. This was in connection with Ksh297 million maize scandal.

He was sentenced alongside Grace Wakhungu after they were found guilty of irregularly receiving Ksh300 million from the National Cereals and Produce Board in 2004. In August, the family of Waluke managed to raise Ksh250 million towards settling the fine before the court reviewed his bail appeal.

His decision to settle fines for other inmates came hardly two weeks after Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi on Monday, September 14, spent Ksh 300,000 on cellmates at Nakuru Police Station.The lawmaker paid fines and bail for remandees after they were unable to raise money to cater for the charges and also bought cellmates mattresses and jackets. Sudi was detained after being accused of hate speech and incitement.

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