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6-Year-Old Succumbs To Domestic Violence.


Oct 6, 2020

                                              VICTIM OF FATE

You Only Live Once (YOLO) is a common phrase for people to enjoy to the fullest. She did not live long but for the few years she was alive, Beverly saw it all. An autopsy report reveals that 6-year-old Beverly Mumo died as a result of sustained torture and not pneumonia or Covid-19 infection as suspected earlier on. The results show she had lost too much blood at the time of her death.

Beverly was at the center of a protracted court battle in which she was tossed between her separated parents more than she got to play like the baby she was. Her elder brother has been rescued from falling into a similar fate by the Directorate of Criminal Investigations even though he has not had a smooth ride either.DCI detectives have since launched investigations into Beverly’s death.

“We are certain the girl was killed,” a senior detective privy to the investigations said.

Detectives have said the investigations are focused on the role the girl’s father, stepmother, stepsister, a nephew to his father, and a house help played, if any, on the murder. Detectives are particularly keen to establish who and how the wounds on Beverly’s body were inflicted. They were also seeking to establish if she was failed by the children’s department under whose care she was placed. In 2010 their parents Robinson Musyoki & Naomi Kiamba got married through a church wedding. Three years later they were blessed with a blossoming flower, their daughter Beverly.

However according to relatives, seeds of disharmony were evident just a year into their marriage. They had continuous wrangles & it’s like they were never conclusively addressed.

The Separation.

After years of struggle and “near-depression”, it all ended in July 2017 after Musyoki and Kiamba separated, in what marked the beginning of a tedious children custodial battle at the Milimani Court. It is marked as case Number 972/2017. Before the separation, Kiamba who is now a gospel artist had attempted to commit suicide. “I was confused, and I did not know what to do. Everything around me was not adding up,” she narrated the complicated situation that had undertones of the ‘dark world’.

In the first round, the court ruled that the mother should take custody of the children- but be allowing the father to have them every weekend. This arrangement went on well until March 2018. Their father failed to come for them and even indicated lack of interest on them. “It remained like that until October 2019, when he returned to the Children’s court.” According to the court documents, Musyoki, pleaded with the court to grant him custody during the school holidays. On October 29th a Magistrate’s Court granted conditional custody, he would stay with the kids between Oct 29th & Dec 5th 2019.

Rest Easy Mumo

Last Sight.

Apparently this was the last time Kiamba set eyes on her daughter alive. “She was crying alongside her brother. They did not want to leave me,” she recalled of the fateful day. A mother’s instincts, she said “told me something was going to be wrong. “Kiamba assumed the instincts only for her to never set eyes on her daughter alive again. After months of hide and seek, and with the COVID-19 pandemic that slowed down court activities, everything came to a halt until August 24, the day Mumo was declared dead on arrival at Mater hospital in Nairobi.

For nearly a year, Kiamba never set her eyes on her children and when she did, Mumo was lying lifeless at the Montezuma Monalisa Funeral Home. “I received a call from him (the ex-husband) at 10 pm. I was in my rental house in Fedha estate. I could tell that his voice was shaky,” Kiamba said. “He said Beverly was dead.” “The first thing I noticed was her shaved hair. She had beautiful hair when I handed her over to her father,” she narrated.But as she was screening through her body, she noticed something; “I was looking for her birthmark at her left ear when I saw a huge scar on the neck. It was red.”

 “I cried my heart out when the trolley carrying her body was pushed back. At this point, I knew she was dead, but I also knew something was not adding up,” she said. It is with the uncertainties that she reached out to the DCI Homicide unit, hoping to seek answers on the circumstances that led to her daughter’s death.

Autopsy Shows Missing Puzzles.

The autopsy was conducted on September 2 by four pathologists led by Dr. Johansen Odour.Others are Dr. Edwin Walong, Dr. Waithera Mbau, and Dr Charles Muturi. “Main findings at autopsy were recent and old injuries distributed on all regions and characteristics of physical abuse,” a summary of the autopsy report states. According to the report, the manner of death was “non-accidental pediatric injuries, consistent with pediatric abuse (homicide).”

The Director of Criminal Investigations George Kinoti has committed to ensure justice is served but even as he pursues this case, he is concerned about what has become a trend in the urban centres. “Children are suffering behind the walls of these beautiful apartments. It is sad,” he told a media house, vowing to ensure justice is delivered, “We do not want to lose even a single child because of family wrangles.”

Beverly is one among the many children who have been victims of domestic violence during this pandemic period.

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