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Mugambo wa Mugikuyu FM is a broadcasting radio station in Gikuyu dialect. The original idea was born in 2008 immediately after political violence erupted in some parts of the Republic of Kenya. This was attributed by 2007 election results. The road map was created as an informative platform to educate all men and women to live in cohesiveness regardless of their tribes and parties affliations. It has been a long and waited journey of a dream realization.

Mugambo wa Mugikuyu FM is a branch from a stem known as "". We are passionate about community services and development. Our greatest intent is to voice out the needs of the community through:
  • Entertainment at its finest
  • Giving back hope to the hopeless through our seamless programs.
  • Build a good product, honest and upright future generation through back to back programming
  • Awakening our current generation's potential from individual capacity, community level and National level.
  • To be a peace ambassandor station through our tailored programs
  • Working, creating and walking our talk on achievable goals.

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