• Sat. Dec 5th, 2020

A Mere Loan Led To Suicide.

ByChristine Gacheri

Oct 19, 2020

LGrief has engulfed Eshiambitsi ward in Navakholo, Kakamega county following the death of a well-known 30-year-old man, Solomon Ayindi.

Neighbours found the deceased’s body dangling from the ceiling of his house on Saturday night.His distraught family led by his mother Alice Omwenje said the deceased had been stressed about a Ksh.30000 loan that he owed a local digital lender.

According to them he had only managed to pay off part of the debt owing to the harsh economic times.

The lender,turned a deaf year to cries of leniency and was on the deceased’s neck for the past few weeks.

The villagers led by the deceased’s uncle Japheth Makokha said they will, in accordance with their traditions, demolish the house of the deceased.

According to the elders, those who commit suicide are not to be taken to funeral homes; instead, a grave is to be dug where they died and their remains interred without ceremony.

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