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Sep 9, 2020

A day that was meant to be the happiest turned out to be a nightmare to a couple in Tana River county. The couple was forced to cancel their wedding when a man claiming to be their father emerged just as they were about to walk down the aisle.

Anne Magwi and Jotham Munini, where raised by single parents, had walked into the church on Saturday for their wedding when their alleged father , alongside his sisters stormed the venue tostop the wedding terming it as an abomination.

The “father” claimed that he sired the children with both women involved in the wedding before they parted ways due to various reasons. He said the groom was sired in an informal relationship which did not end up well ,while the bride was conceived from the woman with whom he had a clandestine relationship at the moment.

“This man remarried and has three children with the current wife, but has never been in contact with the children he sired out of wedlock until he learned of a wedding through a friend who also shared it on a certain WhatsApp group. That is when he decided to make this trip and trace the church” said the pastor.

Parents should avoid such incidents .If you happen to sire a child out of wedlock ,tell them the truth about their father .Do not tell them that he died in a road accident even if he miserable in the streets. It is ungodly” said Pastor

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