• Sat. Oct 24th, 2020


For the longest time, Kenyan men have been complaining about the behavior of women who ask for the fare to pay them a visit but do not turn up and they later go silent immediately they receive the money.

While women were defending themselves from this, they said they only use fare sent by men who were not within their social standard or men who keep nagging them yet they have too little to offer.

Maverick Aoko, who is well known for her feminism stands has tagged women who use fare sent by men as thieves. She said that men send money with a purpose and it should be the woman’s duty to fulfill her promise after receiving the money.

Aoko Otieno says that using fare sent by men amounts to theft. She said that women who do this are just like the corrupt politicians bearing in mind that the men who send this money are usually begged by the women who promise to pay them a visit but later fail to do so.

Maverick Aoko further revealed that she was against the idea of women demanding for job positions to be created for them while others are working their way up career wise.

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