• Sun. Nov 29th, 2020
people should be taught more on albinism

Nixon Lugadiru aged 51, a father of six is living with albinism. He is the brother to the late Enoch Lugandu who died five years ago. Enoch’s memory is still fresh in Nixon’s mind. Remembering the situation in which his elder brother lost his life is very traumatizing. Enoch was killed at night. However, Nixon is assured that whoever killed his brother were human traffickers. Their aim was to get his body parts because he had albinism with an aim of profiting from them.

Since then, Nixon is in fear of being in the same situation. Albinism runs deep in his family, from the eldest to the youngest.

His brother’s death has left a vacuum that could never be covered. Despite the fact that Enoch passed five years ago, his memory still lingers.” I miss him“, a devastated Nixon says.

Nixon narrates how the tragedy struck it. Unfortunately, his day was messed when he found his brother’s body lying in his bed full of blood. Enoch’s hands, neck, one of his fingers were cut, and had a deep cut on his ear. Thereafter they rushed him to hospital. all over a sudden two weeks later, he lost his life. a post-mortem was done but showed his death was a result of injuries.

why did they kill him

it’s still unknown to the family as to why anybody could want to kill him. Enoch is described as a friendly, humble, simple, and lovely man loved by everybody. He says the only reason that could lead to this is organ harvesting. Unfortunately, the killer’s mission was not successful. Nixon narrates that they wanted to take his organs because elections time in Tanzania was almost.

Nixon’s mother’s health worsened after receiving this news and she later died.so his fear is that he could be the next one. however, he’s still in fear that those responsible could still be around. alternatively, his bitterness is that though they have reported the case to the police they have received no feedback. the killers are still walking free and he says he requires justice. he dreads going out of his home unaccompanied.

we are human beings

“if people see an albino they start pointing you shouting this is money.so it is very traumatizing when people see you and think of how much they can sell you.they even say I will take you to Tanzania for sell.”

Nixon is optimistic that people will be educated on how they see albinos. therefore communities need to be acknowledged that albinos are fellow human beings with the right to live. people need to know that albino’s body parts have no special power as many are believing.

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