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ByGitau Kangethe

Aug 7, 2020

Despite the directive by President Kenyatta on banning of the sale of alcohol within the boundaries of the Republic of Kenya during his recent national address, Kenyans at larger are still enjoying the sale and consumption of alcohol with no fear amongst them, the move by the president was to help cumber the spread of the deadly covid 19

It appears the directive by President fell on deaf ears even with strict instructions given to high government to help in the management of the same trend

It has emerged that majority of bar owners have resulted to other means to deliver their products to their consumers, with some using dubious means to deliver

Sale of alcohol within Muranga town and the surrounding Estates and villages have taken a notch higher, Despite having wines and spirits outlets, that offers take away services it’s now so normal to enter one and drink from the outlet without any harm with majority of the outlets now opting on the sale of cheap concoctions that goes by a 100ksh per one half litre bottle,, interestingly majority of those outlets are offering the same liquor in halves of 50ksh which are commonly referred to as (ithanwa or mathanwa), and are being consumed at the spot of sale or a rather strategic place, within few meters from the outlets, not exceeding 50 meters with supervision from goons hired to standby who are on lookout for police officers,

Majority of these outlets open their doors as early as 9 am and within their proximity you will notice groups of youths waiting for the doors to open with majority of them opting for those cheap liquor in crowds, you wouldn’t help notice that some crooked officers also waiting on the que also to quench their thurst thus giving these youthful group the courage to engage, and also greae and more courage to the outlets vendors who majority are youthful ladies in their mid-twenties.

On the other hand bar owners and bartenders have devices cheeky way of distributing their products by vending door to door where by the bartenders carry the liquor in back bags and others on their “ciondos” purporting they are carrying their shopping in them and to the unknowing and unsuspecting mwanainchi it’s alcohol vending, Majority of them are hawking this high on demand on construction sites where majority of their customers are, pretending that they are the famous mama uji or tea usually taken by the workers at 10,p

A quite a good percentage of this bar owners are what you would call high headed and are well versed with how the administration works and also with a great and perfect link with it hence high protection some even daring to hawk in their personal vehicles to their customers, if you transverse from Muranga to kangema you would witness the sale especially that there is one who is largely known to do so without any fear even with a police post just yards from the purported bar, and even having a sub chief as the most adjacent neighbor to the bar, some are running shops along that road where it’s sold openly through concealed bottles, you would think it’s bottled water,  as that’s not enough there are other where they run restaurants and this have changed to drinking  dens without any fear, all you have to do is go get in and once spotted a cup will be brought over to you empty accompanied by a jug with the liquor and since the liquor most of the brands are colorless no one would suspect And for those who indulge in the colored ones they are served with a colored jug to hide the same and the other customer would just presume you just ordered and you’ve just been served some drinking water as your order arrive,

It’s so unfortunate that as the number are increasing and infections still going on, the famous mama mboga have some now resulted to sale of the same in bottles which are strict take away from the point, hence there destroying the small business by the genuine mama mboga,, it’s also saddening that there are many youths that join hands and choose one of their own home and turn it into a bar,, all they do is to contact those hawking the product and they get dropped off at those home – cum bars,,,

It has also turned out that majority are also organizing themselves into groups and order the famous changaa from Sagana town which is ferried in jerry cans by motorcycle, despite having roadblocks manned by uniformed police, but by just coughing a 50ksh Bob you are able to pass without any problems, it also emerged that many are also opting to make their own concoction using readily morasses and a mixture of yeast which is available over the counter in shops and supermarket which is getting worse in the village rendering them hopeless village killing them slowly as days goes by. It’s now evident that the nation is taking one step forward and two backwards

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