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“Am Part Of This Mess”Uhuru Confesses

ByAndrew Thuku

Oct 26, 2020

The long-awaited final draft of the BBI has been launched today by Presiden Uhuru Kenyatta, His deputy William Ruto and Former Prime minister Raila Odinga at The Bomas of Kenya. The political temperatures had risen as tanga tanga supporters were expecting to hear their leader denounce the BBI while the kieleweke upheld the BBI. All of that went sideways as Uhuru confessed that its part of the problem that has led to the negative politics in the country. This statement comes as the government had started launching projects like the BODABODA which were spearheaded by His deputy William Ruto.

As he stated today that one of the root cause of divisive politics is that we shy away from the truth especially when its comes to tribalism. He has urged Kenyans to unite as he spear heads the bbi launching.

“The fact of the matter is that we are a tribal society and we want to get away from it but thats what we are.This is what divides us because we pretend we are national leaders thus when they time comes we switch to venercular and become what we are.This are facts na tusidanganyane.

“I will also admit today that I have been part and pussle of that dirty politics.Am not saying this because am pointing fingers at anybody,am just saying that we have been part of this mess but we never want to talk of it.We all pretend how great and how national we are.That is why we must talk of inclusivity issue,”Uhuru said .

According to the President,his deputy was also part of the BBI making.

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