• Mon. Jan 18th, 2021

Are Weddings Overrated?

ByMuthoni Githire

Sep 23, 2020

Former Tahidi High actor, Abel Mutua, in his YouTube channel opened up about how he used up his savings in order to have a white wedding. Having dated Judy, his wife, for seven years, he wanted to officiate their relationship and therefore proposed to her. “In August 2015, my wife and I were on the bypass going home after visiting Phillip Karanja’s home,” he said. “Then I thought to myself, I have been with this babe for a while now. We should just actualize this relationship once and for all.”

He proposed to her in a car, asking her if she would live with him forever. Judy said yes- I mean, they had dated for a pretty long time. According to him, Abel did not have much time and money as he was unemployed at the time. Therefore, going to the Attorney General’s office was the perfect plan for him as it would cost a smaller amount.

“We agreed the wedding day would be on her birthday, November 21st, which was three months away,” he said. However, Judy later influenced him into having a small white wedding ceremony, and he used up all his savings in the process.

This a narrative I have heard from several newlyweds. There is some sort of pressure that comes from society that can push someone to spend a lot of money on events such as weddings, birthdays and graduation ceremonies. In my opinion, one is entitled to having this life milestones within their financial means. After all, it is a single day and there is life that will need money afterwards.

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