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Are you dressing healthy?

ByMuthoni Githire

Sep 13, 2020

Whether you follow fashion trends or prefer to set them yourself, clothes are not made with the same health value and impact. While different attires may make you feel stylish, elegant and/or classy,it is very essential to pay attention to the numerous health risks associated with certain kinds of clothing, no matter how much of a fashion risk-taker you may be. When you feel good, you look good. Therefore, while considering the quality and glamour that comes with an item, a wise fashionista will consider the real and potential hazards that come with it. This list is not exhaustive, but it gives one a grip of considering health before elegance.

For instance, high heel shoes tend to change the leg bone structure and pointy-toe shoes may squeeze the toes leading to poor blood flow to the extremities. They may even cause swelling of the toes and permanent change to their structure. Wear high heels shoes for short periods of time, and find shoes that give your toes adequate space.

Skinny jeans also raise a health concern. As much as they have become increasingly popular, the tight hugging skinny jeans do to one’s lower body can cause numbness and tingling of feet due to poor blood flow. They also cause buildup of pressure from the swelling of body tissues, a condition called compartment syndrome.

Everyone loves flip-flops. They are not just reserved for the beach. However, their open structure exposes the feet to numerous external accidents and provide little foot support because of the thinness of their soles. So next time you have to buy flops, get yourself a pair with thicker soles.

Many of today’s earrings are so heavy and large that women can end up unintentionally stretching or tearing their earlobes as a result. These giant earrings even have a tendency to get hooked onto objects or even ripped out by unknowing children.

Heavy necklaces can place great strain and pressure on your neck, back, and chest. Over sized bracelets and rings have been known to cause wrist, arm, hand, and rings have been known to cause wrist, arm, hand, and finger pain. If you have to accessorize, go for smaller, lighter sizes.

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