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Autism And How To Live With It.

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Dec 7, 2020

Autism is a disorder that affects how a person interacts and communicates with others. Beatrice Marura, a single mother of four, has one autistic child, Emanuel Mmasa aged 12. She says the life of a child with autism revolves around a mother who understands the pain of her child. Most people lack knowledge about the disease and this affects the victim as well as the family of the victim.

Autism and how to live with it

“He had a problem with his spinal cord when I gave birth to him. At the age of nine months, diagnosis conducted showed he has tuberculosis,” said Marura. Her son started walking at the age of three years, but he was so hyper. At that moment, the doctors could not tell what was wrong with him. When Emanuel was seven years old, his mother joined a group of parents with special kids. This is when she learnt that her son was autistic. “I came to know that it was autism after listening to all that was been taught and it related to what was happening to my son,” Marura said.

How To Take Care Of Kids With Autism

Understand that a lack of responsiveness is a common sign of autism. They might not know how to offer social or emotional support to others. Keep in mind that even an extremely unresponsive child can still hear you.

Teach social skills directly. Parents and special education teachers should spend considerable time teaching autistic children to socialize politely and recognize the needs and emotions of others.

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Make sure your child spends some time with both autistic and non-autistic children. Interacting with non-autistic children helps your child develop more attentive and responsive behaviors. Fellow autistic children teach your child that there is nothing wrong with them and that there are other people just like them.

Offer plenty of positive reinforcement. Instead of punishing, encourage your child whenever he or she makes an effort to respond to others. Praise your child and applaud his or her efforts.