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deaf people can now sing to the tune

Collins Mutindi is a producer who makes music for the deaf. The release of Jerusalema song became his motivation. Everyone joined the caravan to try the new dance. But then, there were those that could not hear the catchy lyrics that took the world by storm. “They do not have the privilege of hearing the words. But with a little sign language and a beat, they do get entertained,” says Collins Mutindi.

“So my journey began when I was sitting outside the Kenya National Archives building in Nairobi. I got to interact with some vendors there. Most of them were deaf and dumb and did not have any form of entertainment,” he says.

He has converted a part of his rented house in Dagoretti into a studio. A section of his bedroom wall is painted green. He calls it the wall of fame. The wall enables him to alter the background when editing the performance of his artists.

he makes music for the deaf
he makes music for the deaf

However, Collins says there is always a challenge trying to get artists to record. The majority of the deaf community does not know whether there is anyone producing music for them. After finding an artist, Mutindi’s team of workers is always there to help.

Deaf Music production procedure

First, the artiste {deaf} writes down the lyrics of the song and hands it over. Collins and his team then hire someone who interprets the message in sign language before shooting. One version of the video is usually a complete sign language. While the other combines sign language and audio with a sign language interpreter at the bottom of the screen.

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 “Hiring a sign language interpreter for a song ranges between sh25,000 and sh30,000. It costs a minimum of sh110,000 to complete one song. So as to cut costs, Collin’s wife offers to help him. She uses her soft and tender voice to compliment the work done by her husband. “Apart from playing other assistant roles, I help insert my voice in the songs,” she says.

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