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Baby Ariana’s cry for help

ByJudy Muturi

Dec 10, 2020
Baby Ariana's cry for help

A mother is appealing for well-wishers to help her raise Ksh 5 million for her 4-month-old baby Ariana’s surgery. At only 2 months, doctors diagnosed her daughter with severe liver condition that required a liver transplant.  Following the diagnosis, the mother, Faith Njeri, is appealing to Kenyans of goodwill to help in raising the amount. The fund will help baby Ariana undergo the surgery in India.

Speaking to the press, Njeri highlighted the ill-fated conditions that befell her daughter four days after she bore her on July 4. According to the mother, baby Ariana’s eyes were yellowish in color, a condition that is rare among normal babies. Doctors at a local hospital carried out further tests. They informed her that the baby had jaundice. ” We tried treating jaundice by going outside and getting sunlight but the situation did not get better,” she stated.

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However, after doctors discharged Baby Ariana, the mother noted that her baby’s condition kept deteriorating. Hence, she sought a second test from a different hospital. After numerous medical checkups, the doctors noted that they had to open up Baby Ariana surgically. This was for them to ascertain the precise conditions of her internal organs.

Baby Ariana's cry for help
Baby Ariana’s cry for help

Baby Ariana’s diagnosis

Later on, doctors found out that the then 2-months-old baby suffered from a liver condition. This was contrary to the previous diagnosis that stated that she had jaundice. Also, the doctors noted that Njeri had to part with Ksh 5 million for her baby to undergo the surgery in India. Furthermore, she confirmed that both her and her baby had to stay in India for 3 months for frequent medical checkups for the baby.

“I’m only working with medication right now to manage the liver. Currently, I’m planning to take my baby in January for her to get a new liver.” “I’m appealing to Kenyans of goodwill to help me give my child a new life” she stated. She also stated that the Covid-19 pandemic further affected her financial situation.