• Tue. Dec 1st, 2020

One couple from Loiyangalani in Turkana County named their baby girl after the first ever Safaricom mobile network booster to be installed in the area back in 2007. Safaricom Lemotou, 13, is currently in class 6 at El Molo Bay Primary School in her home county. According to her father Mzee Lemotou, alias Baba Safaricom, the young enthusiastic girl was given her name by her grandmother.

“Once we heard the name, we really liked it as there was no network in the area. However, once Safaricom set up its first mast in the area, it became easy to communicate with loved ones,” Baba Safaricom expounded.

named after safaricom

The cheerful Safaricom wants to become a doctor in the future, notwithstanding the challenges her family is facing. Baba Safaricom was a security guard but had to try fishing because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

A number of communities in Kenya are known for naming their children based on the prevalent conditions at the time of birth. This could elucidate names such as Amicus Otieno, Bensouda Akinyi among others over the last few years. It is also common for them to name children according to what they wish for the child, for example, Amani (Peace) Kimani.

Baba Safaricom also expressed his gratitude to Teclo acknowledging how communication has transformed in the vast and arid area.    

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