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Birth Control Pills.


Sep 16, 2020

The pill is a hormone based method of preventing pregnancy and also help resolve regular menstruation, painful or heavy periods. It works by preventing ovulation.

Below are some side effects :

.Intermenstrual Spotting

Bleeding is common between periods which is resolved within 3 months of starting to take a pill. The bleeding occurs because the uterus is adjusting to having a thinner endometrial lining.

  • Breast tenderness

Birth control pills may cause enlargement of breast or tenderness which resolves a few weeks after taking the pill. Finding a lump, persistent breast pain or tenderness requires medical attention. To relieve breast tenderness one has to reduce caffeine and salt intake.

  • Weight gain

Weight gain occurs when there is retention of fluids especially around the hip and breasts.

  • Decreased libido

The hormones in the contraceptive can affect to some people. Its advisable to have a discussion with your doctor if libido continues to decrease.

  • Vagina discharge

Its not normally harmful but if there is change in color or odor, its an indication of infection and urgent  medical attention is needed.

  • Missed Periods

Periods may sometimes miss when taking the pills due to either stress, illness, travels or even hormonal abnormalities .A pregnancy test is recommended before the start of the period especially if one has a missed period.

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