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Bishop Gakuyo Breaks Down


Jan 7, 2021
Bishop Gakuyo Complains Over His Health

Bishop Gakuyo on Wednesday, January 6, confessed that paying off the debts impacted his health negatively. Pastor David Kariuki founded Ekeza sacco but famously known as Bishop Gakuyo.

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Refund order

Gakuyo also received an order to issue refunds. This after allegedly dumping clients to contribute over Ksh2.5 billion for ‘property investments’

The businessman stated that he complied with the order to protect his name. This is according to his speech during a requiem for five children. These died in a septic tank accident at Mwihoko village of Ruiru in Kiambu County.

Bishop Gakuyo Complains Over His Health
Bishop Gakuyo Complains Over His Health


‘’I have grown thinner because of giving out all I had to try and protect my reputation. I have never even sired a child outside my marriage, leave alone stealing a coin from investors.” Gakuyo stated at the function.

He further blamed political detractors for his woes maintaining his innocence over the fraud claims. 

At the same function, nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura also noted that the Bishop and other fraudulent individuals should be jailed for engaging in corrupt practices.

“You cannot steal from the public and later come tell them to vote you in. I urge you to ignore these corrupt people,” Mwaura stated.

Bishop Gakuyo has maintained that he has been loyal to President Uhuru Kenyatta going on to allege that some Mount Kenya leaders were turning the people of the Central region against the Head of State.

Bishop Gakuyo Complains Over His Health
Bishop Gakuyo Complains Over His Health

In an event in 2020, Gakuyo went on to caution Former Kiambu Governor William Kabogo and Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria that he would face them head-on and would also not let them undermine President Uhuru Kenyatta’s leadership.

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He further went on to point a finger at the leaders, who had warned Kenyans against investing their money in Gakuyo’s businesses.

“There are several people in Kenya who are hell-bent on destroying other people’s businesses. I want to vividly confront Kabogo and Kuria (Gatundu South MP Moses Kuria) that they are citizens who are not mindful of Kenya’s economy. Your business is to kill other people’s businesses,” Gakuyo stated.

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Refunding process

Ekeza Sacco had started refunding members in phases. The refund process commenced in January 2020. Gakuyo’s plan was to pay 1,500 members in the first phase. It involved those who had saved Ksh 5,000 downwards.

The second phase was for members he owed Ksh20,000 to Ksh50,000. Investors who were demanding up to Ksh200,000 would be refunded later on. 

Gakuyo, at the time, detailed that the process would take up to two years, given the nature of the liquidation strategy he was implementing.