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Bloomberg future lives


Dec 8, 2020
bloomberg future lives

Advancing regional finance

Bloomberg is critical to how players in the Middle East engage and participate in the global financial system. This connects them to global equity markets and helping facilitate inward investment. From the development of the region’s fixed-income market to the electronification of trading, from new standards in corporate governance. To advances in sustainable finance, we are working with global and local leaders to strengthen the region’s evolving financial ecosystems.

The Bloomberg Terminal

The world’s most influential decision-makers, the Bloomberg Terminal is a modern icon of financial markets. Which is for instance on the sitting on the desk of 325000. Launched in 1981, it brought transparency to financial markets. Connected market participants to a groundbreaking data, analytics and information-delivery service, and revolutionized an industry.

Today, the Bloomberg Terminal remains at the cutting edge of innovation. It also delivers fast access to news, data, and trading tools from any internet-connected PC or mobile device. It also helps its subscribers turn knowledge into action.

bloomberg future lives
bloomberg future lives

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The Bloomberg Terminal

As market data, analysis, and insight become more important, and regulatory data needs to grow, access to quality data. However, through less fragmented sources is rising up the agenda of CDOs and global data leaders across the Middle East. With our comprehensive data sets, best-in-class data distribution and unified data model, more and more firms are turning to Bloomberg to manage all their data requirements.

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With the outcome of the US presidential election now established and a Biden administration entering the White House in January, also many around the world wonder how this will impact Sino-American relations?

As an American I do not know exactly what the Chinese government will do, but I would anticipate three things (beyond the obligatory congratulatory phone call between President Xi Jinping and the president-elect).