• Sun. Jan 17th, 2021
Blow To President Trump
Blow To President Trump

US President Donald Trump’s determination to overturn his election has been denied by the US Supreme Court. This is a blow to President Trump and his allies. This is for the reason that their effort to block the guarantee of votes in key state Pennsylvania won’t proceed.

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Afterward, the state supreme court rejected the case, Trump and his allies; it shifted to the national Supreme Court. They asked it to suspend all electoral processes even though they developed their arguments.

Moreover, trump’s appointed justices out of nine who are among the nation’s highest court didn’t explain its pronouncement. Besides from all the members no one articulated disagreement.

Democrat Joe Biden victory: Blow To President Trump

It has been more than a month since Democrat Joe Biden won the US election. But still, Trump has failed to accept the defeat. Biden led with seven million votes. Democrat Joe Biden will be sworn in on 20th January 2021 together with his elected deputy. Besides Trump is claiming Biden’s win was unjustified and fake.

 Despite lots of court cases in several key states filed by trump and his allies, none has bared fruits. Trump has been the US president since four years ago before Biden carried Pennsylvania in November’s vote.

The court has however stated it’s not liable to engage in a post-election hearing hence terminating the case.it was Trump’s expectations that the high court would intervene in his favor but however, things seemed different.

In 2000, Supreme Court ceased the second opinion in Florida, where George W. Bush led with only 537 votes ahead of Democrat Al Gore, agreeing on Republicans to win the election.

On Tuesday Republican-led state filed another appeal to the Supreme Court. The plea was requesting for nullification of results in four key states. Nevertheless the specialists were not optimistic regarding its chance of success.

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