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Boy Torn Between Two

ByGladwell Wanjiku

Dec 11, 2020
The Boy Torn Between Two

A Kenyan Woman has told the Mombasa High Court that her ex-lover, a former senior police boss, wants to use their little boy to claim child benefits payments from the UK Government. The woman has filed  a case to stop her estranged boyfriend from registering their three-year old son as a UK citizen. The couple met in 2016 in Diani when the guy visited Kenya as a tourist. Their friendship blossomed and their son was born the following year. Later on they separated, but last year the man filed a case seeking custody of his son. She claims the man, who now works as a security and terrorism consultant in Afghanistan has squandered his wealth and is now out to use the boy to gain wealth.

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The man has denied the claims and said the woman is holding on to their son to continue demanding child support from him. “She regards the child as her lifetime ATM and is fearful he may be taken from her,” he said. He also claims to have bought her a house in Mombasa worth sh11 million. He still insisted that  the woman’s lifestyle will affect the moral and physical quality of their son.

The boy torn Between Two
The Boy Torn Between Two

The birth certificate of the boy

Tononoka Resident Magistrate LK Sindani ordered the woman to allow the boy’s father to see his son. Orders are stating that she stops insulting the man. The magistrate further directed the woman to give out the boy’s birth certificate to the man. This was to enable him to register the child as a British citizen. The woman later said she was unable to hand over the boy’s birth documents. This is because they had mysteriously disappeared from their home.

The man said he feared for the child’s upbringing. His mother leaves him in the care of aunties as she pursues money, staying out all night. In their statements, the two accuse each other of being irresponsible, with each saying the other is not fit to raise the child.