• Fri. Oct 23rd, 2020

Breaking news:No more sale of alcohol.

ByAndrew Thuku

Jul 27, 2020
Uhuru Kenytta

Written by Andrew Thuku,

*No more alcohol sale in Kenya for the next 30 days

*The police boss to submit a weekly report about the bars that have been banned.

*The recklessness of Individuals spread the disease to the old and venerable population

From today at 7 pm all bars and business that sell alcohol will be required by law to close down after the president directed No MORE SALE OF ALCOHOL for the next 30 days within the Kenyan border.

The presidents spoke at state house today as he addressed the nation following a crucial meeting with the governors. This has come at a time when the number of covid-19 cases has increased drastically.

The president has directed the police IG to submit a weekly report on the the bars and eateries that will not adhere to the government directives. The report will be submitted to the Interior cabinet secretary for review.Bars and eateries face revocation of their licences if they will be caught on the web of the wrong dowers.

All people who will caught flaunting the covid-19 measures will be arrested with no exception to social class,rank,race or position. Lack of seriousness among Kenyans have contributed to the spread of Covid-19 among the vulnerable population.

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