• Mon. Oct 26th, 2020

Every person desires and hopes for a happy ending when getting into love life but most people give a deaf ear to the red signs. Some prefer to stay in abusive relationships even when respect is not being served, others will stay in a relationship all in the name of protecting the ‘couple goals’, while others stay in the name of the spouse will change. Cases of domestic violence are increasing at an alarming rate in the country with those surviving left to rot in prison cells, others are left with permanent disorders and most of them life takes a different turn.

Mark the signs

Growing up people long for happy marriages and with the notion of for better or for worse they accept all rubbish thrown to them. The vows people mean do not apply in all circumstances and at times its better to part ways yet you all adults. We have successful single moms and dads in the country and what makes them exceptional is the fact that they were able to walk out of abusive relationships. A broken heart might take time to heal but it’s better than being a victim of domestic violence.

The current generation has been so much exposed to telenovela soaps and the youths tend to imitate more what they say in those movies. People tend to forget that what they are seeing is just acting and not reality. What we see in movies and what life offers in reality are two different things. At times we told that you can help your partner or spouse be better but we fail to remember that it’s hard to change character. Its high time people face the truth no matter how harsh or painful it is.

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