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Who Took My Kidney????

What happened during my surgery? Who took my kidney without my consent? Why me? These and other endless unanswered questions run in twenty-two-year-old Ivine Kinagu’s mind. Doctors' documents indicate that…

Few Survive MOMBASA-MALINDI Accident.

At least fifteen people have succumbed early today morning after a grisly road accident along Mombasa-Malindi Highway. This tragedy occurred after two buses collided head-on at the Kwa Mkikuyu stage…

Mysterious Illness Strikes Kakamega.

A mysterious illness has left Kakamega County in shock as it's already claimed eight lives. Twenty of them currently battling for their lives in hospital.

Circumcision Rituals

Circumcison ceremony continues

Train Crash kills 36

Train crash claims lives