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Pastor Becomes Stripper

Pastor turns into a stripper

Cardinal John Njue Hidden Facts.

Pope Francis accepts Cardinal John Njue Resignation.

Kenyans to get covid-19 vaccination

Hope for Kenyans to get covid-19 vaccination grows brighter as the government orders 24 million doses of Covid-19 vaccine. The doses are to arrive early next year and will cover…

Kenyans far from covid-19 vaccination?

Kenyans are still far from receiving the vaccination against Covid-19. The country is relying on Oxford University AstraZeneca vaccine still under test in Kilifi County. Dr. George Warimwe spearheads the…

Mysterious illness hospitalizes 600

Doctors admitted the first patients to hospital on Saturday in Eluru, a town in Andhra Pradesh state. But by Sunday, according to the federal health ministry, they had admitted more…