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Celtic and Aberdeen out of next week’s match.

Byflorence wairimu

Aug 11, 2020

Celtic and Aberdeen will not be playing matches this week after their players broke lockdown rules: Nicola Sturgeon has said.

Celtic defender Boli Bolingoli flew to Spain without the clubs knowledge, he failed to quarantine, then played in Sunday’s match against Kilmarnock. The Minister said that it is a ‘flagrant breach’ of the guidelines.

In the previous weekend eight Aberdeen players broke lockdown regulations by visiting a bar together which is against the rules and regulation stated by Health Departments due of COVID-19 pandemic. This made the two teams not to take part in the playing matches next week.

Ms. Sturgeon said news of Bolingoli’s breach came through while the national clinical director, Professor Jason Leitch, was holding a meeting with managers and captains of Scotland’s top flight clubs to reinforce the importance of the guidance and she said that it is not acceptable.

Talks are continuing with football authorities and an update is expected to be released on Tuesday. Ms. Sturgeon indicated that clear penalties will be placed for players and clubs when they breach the rules.

The first minister said that footballers are talented, skilled, hardworking and well rewarded role models. But she added ‘I don’t think it too much to ask them to live up to that and that is all we are asking for’.

Bolingoli had travelled to a high risk country and therefore both teams are at risk of catching corona virus. Bolingoli participated in a match on Sunday against Kilmarnock even though he should have been isolating. The defender said that he was guilty of an error of judgment and apologized.

All players in Celtic and staffs have been tested twice and returned negative.

Aberdeen players have apologized for visiting a bar at the Centre of a covid-19 outbreak. And two players later tested positive for virus and six of them are currently in isolation.

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