• Sat. Oct 24th, 2020

Chaos in Nakuru CBD

Matatu operators in Nakuru on Monday conflicted with police officers who wanted them to forcefully return to the CBD complaining about the deplorable conditions in the three termini where they were redistributed. They were encountered by armed contingents of police officers who tossed tear gas cans and shot in the air to scatter them. In a response less than cowardly, the matatu operators bombarded the officers with stones bringing business at the town to a standstill.

Armed contingents of police officers attempting to disperse the protesters.

This is now the third time the operators are holding protests to object the move to latch them out of the Nakuru CBD. They issued a warning to strike on Monday which prompted Nakuru Governor Lee Kinyanjui to respond. Governor Lee Kinyanjui urged the public transport vehicle operators to be patient as his administration was in the process of building a new modern stage with amenities, in a statement that was posted on his Facebook page. “The County Government of Nakuru has good intentions whose full implementation will lead to an expanded modern and vibrant town,” read the statement.

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