• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020


ByBeatrice Muthoni

Aug 20, 2020

Following a covid-19 vaccine that is currently on trial is expected to highly benefit Kenya where they are going to receive the vaccine reasonably.

Kenya being among the low-middle income countries is the country that has been chosen among 98 states to benefit from the safe and effective COVID-19 vaccine.

The vaccine is aimed to be sold at Sh 300 per dose. However the vaccine will be available to nations included in GAVI’s new financial instrument aimed at encouraging manufacturers to produce quantities of eventual Covid-19 vaccines and ensure access for developing counties.

GAVI CEO Dr Seth Berkley has said that many are times where countries that are in great risk are left behind when it comes to new treatment and vaccines.

25 out of 202 vaccine candidates are undergoing clinical trial under different phases of testing.

Health chief administrative secretary Mercy Mwangangi said that there is stem cell therapy research ongoing and another research on regenerative medicine. She added that in the past two weeks they have been developing study protocol that will look at the use of plasma.

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