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Chief Justice Maraga Goes Parking.


Dec 8, 2020
chief justice maraga retires

 Friday marks chief justice Maraga’s retirement day. “Am happy with my tenure having taken over the office in October 2016 over from Willy Mutunga,’’ Maraga said and was the country’s 14th Chief Justice

chief justice maraga delivers his speech

“Friday will be my last day in office,” he said when he presided over the launch of Manga Law Courts. “I will be proceeding on my terminal leave.”

Manga court launched by the CJ is one of the oldest courts in the country. After colonialists used in pre-independence Kenya. Maraga’s retirement paves way for the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) to start the recruitment of his successor.

Despite Maraga’s rough days in his tenure, he leaves after his relations with the Executive strained.

Chief Justice Tasks

Maraga advised President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve Parliament for failing to enact laws on the elusive two-thirds gender rule. This is two months ago. That advice is the subject of a court case that is pending.

He repeatedly accused the Executive of under-funding the Judiciary. A call he repeated on Monday when he asked legislators to consider increasing funding to the Judiciary. This aimed at easing service delivery to citizens

“I want to challenge our legislators to increase funding to the Judiciary to even Sh10 billion a year for construction. He requested only 10 years and see courts all over the country.” He said, “I left office with a lot of Court requests which I couldn’t manage due to constrained budget. That’s my only plea to you.”

chief justice maraga retires
chief justice maraga retires

This year alone, the Judiciary was able to gazette and build 21 courts across the country, according to statistics from his office.

Maraga added that his road to treacherous retirement and trying after the Supreme court nullified the 2017 presidential election and ordered a repeat that angered President Kenyatta who declared “we shall revisit.” 

He asked his successor to be brave and work for the truth because “the job is not easy.”

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“All this far is because of the people’s prayers and I ask Kenyans to pray for the next CJ as this job needs God to guide you through. I thank all who prayed for me to this end”, added Maraga.

Kitutu Masaba Member of Parliament Shadrack Mose acknowledged the “suffocation” of the Judiciary with resources but vowed to mobilize his colleagues to ensure it gets its rightful share for development and service delivery.