• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

A troubled family has finally happily ended the search for a child who had been reported missing for seven months. Kevin Otiende, a businessman in Nairobi, bumped into the child named Clinton outside Nation Centre when the young boy approached him to ask for Kshs 10 in early October. 

Otiende was moved by the child’s story when he revealed that he had been sleeping in the streets of Nairobi for a period of seven months after travelling from Bungoma. “I asked him if he had family and he gave me his older brother’s contacts. On calling, the man wept hysterically. They’ve been looking for him for seven months,” the guardian angel explained.

Otiende resolved to rescue the young boy and took him for a shave and shopping which included supplies to take to his family back in Bungoma.  “I cannot wait for schools to reopen as I have resolved to educate him until college,” he vowed.


Covid-19 restrictions executed earlier in the year such as the halting of learning in schools coupled with the economic downturn has had a negative impact on children. This has happened in three main ways: infection with the virus itself; the immediate socioeconomic impacts of measures to stop transmission of the virus and end the pandemic; and the potential longer-term effects of delayed education goals. 

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