• Sun. Jan 17th, 2021

Over 21,000 children have fallen out of children homes. This comes as an attempt to reduce the risk of covid-19. The huge number is closer to half the population of minors placed under charitable homes.

While giving their report, the National Council for Children’s Services (NCCS) has expressed how deeply the pandemic has struck them. Apparently, Covid-19 has pushed the office to fast-tracking the process of reuniting children back to their communities. Also, an audit report shows most of the charitable homes are -lacking the means to mitigate the spread of the virus. For instance, some have been sinking into debts as the clock ticks.

“Some of them never had space for social distancing. They have been relying on external donor funding which was not sustainable. This occurs due to the global impact of the pandemic.” Said Mr. Owino, NCCS official.

Children Homes Crisis

He has also added that over the decades NCCS has been advocating for unity in charitable homes. In addition, they have been supporting the children without having to separate them from society. He has also stated how painful it is to separate siblings. “It is really distressing to separate children who are already going through emotional anguish. We question the criteria some of the homes are using. We really wonder what made them choose one child and leave the rest,” added Mr. Owino.

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For instance, most charitable homes are admitting to no longer afford to care for these children. Even the legally registered ones have ended up sending some of the children to alternative care systems like foster families. On social media platforms, intensive fundraising drives are circulating all over. Painful narrations and pictures of children struggling to get even something to eat shows how hard the situation really is. Poor medical access, lack of food, and clothes are a few among the issues the homes directors are raising when seeking funds.

A volunteer social worker in Mukuru Kwa Reuben has explained how some children have had to return to their grandparents. Also, others who had been taken away from abusive homes have been left with no option other than taking them back to their abusive homes. “A child who has spent many years in these charitable homes is suddenly sent away. They are sent back to the spaces they were rescued from. It is a really messy situation,” said the volunteer worker.

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