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Chop Off Rapists Genitals.


Sep 3, 2020 ,

In a bid to minimize defilement cases, Lamu residents have now been given the go ahead to hack off rapists’ genitals. On Wednesday afternoon, Lamu county commissioner Irungu Macharia has said that any woman who chops off a rapist’s genitals will not be held liable for any crime. “Men here have lost their sanity and it’s so devastating. We are tired of the rising defilement cases, henceforth we are asking people to take matters in their hands and chop off the genitals of any rapist or defiler,” said Mr Macharia.

Lamu County Commissioner.

The commissioner emphasized that defilers, rapists and perpetrators of domestic violence are ruthless individuals who deserve no mercy but should reserve ruthless treatment equal to their crimes. “We are telling women to do the same to men who attempt to abuse the same manner. Let them be assured that we will not charge them for any crime because we know they did it in self-defense,” he said.

According to a recent report by World Vision, at least two defilement or rape cases are reported in these areas daily. Speaking in Lamu town, Macharia said that cases of defilement and incest are on the rise especially in Hindi division in Lamu West. He also confirmed that the situation was similar in Basuba Ward and in Mpeketoni.

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