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ByBeatrice Muthoni

Jul 30, 2020


Majority of the coastal leaders most of them being from the Orange Democratic Movement ODM  are about to form a party ahead of 2022 general election signaling their plans to ditch the Raila Odinga-led outfit. They are saying that this will help them in forming a parliamentary leadership and also give them more powers discussing the matters on the proposed revenue allocation formula.

A close ally of Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi who is a legislator has added that the new party to be launched will bring on board all existing coastal political outfits.

“I can tell you without fear or a shadow of doubt that we are ready with a political party. It is just a matter of time … of when we can launch and start branding it,” he said.

Failure to appoint the orange party elected leaders to lead parliamentary committees and the support of mr. Odinga on the third basis of sharing county revenue in which the leaders are saying that it will result to coast and north eastern counties losing money. The following has made the leaders loose trust with the orange party and its leader Raila Odinga.

Moreover two ODM pointment in coast, Mr. kingi and Mombasa governor Hassan Joho are coming to an end. Mr kingi has not given out his opinion on the decision saying that he will speak out as things are made known.

“We have not taken any direction concerning the matter but discussions are ongoing. Coast region has 41 elective posts, which is a big number, and if united we will increase our bargaining power,” said Mr Hirbae.

Kilifi North MP Mr Baya and ODM Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa are supporting the formation of the new party but two legislators have openly criticized the ODM party and called on the region to ditch Mr. Odinga’s camp.

The Kilifi North MP has revealed that several senators and MPs under the Coast Parliamentary Group (CPG) have been meeting to crystallize the plan which enjoys the backing of other senior politicians in the region.

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