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Cogensia CEO Breaches US Capitol.


Jan 11, 2021
Brad Rukstales

The Chief Executive Officer, (CEO) of a Chicago-based company arrested. The Cogensia company CEO was also fired. Apparently, he breached the United States Capitol during the Wednesday insurrection in Washington, DC. The United States Capitol in Washington, D.C symbolizes the American people and also their government. In addition, it’s also the nation’s legislature meeting place.

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The Capital also houses an important collection of American art. Furthermore its also an architectural achievement in its own right. Brad Rukstales, CEO of the Cogensia marketing technology firm. He apologizes for what he calls a “ moment of extremely poor judgment.”  Through a statement he posted on Twitter Brad says that “It’s the worst personal decision of my life.”

Cogensia CEO crisis


The Cogensia company is based in the Chicago Suburb of Schaumburg distanced itself from the CEO. This because they had already placed him on leave of absence. “Mr. Rukstales’s actions were his own. Furthermore, he was not acting on behalf of our company. Also, his actions neither in any manner reflect policies nor values of this firm,” Cogensia posted on LinkedIn. However, an international news outlet tried reaching out to them but neither Rukstales nor Cogensia responded. In addition, the US Capitol police did not also respond for comment to confirm the arrest.

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As a result of the insurrection, five people died including a US Capitol Police Officer. House Democrats are planning to introduce articles of impeachment against President Donald Trump. “Without qualification and also a peaceful and law-abiding citizen I condemn the violence and destruction,” Rukstales stated. Rukstales also says that they arrested and charged him with unlawful entry. In addition, a number of people present during the Wednesday unrest have faced consequences from their employers.

Brad Rukstales
Brad Rukstales

For instance, NAVISTAR fired an employee photographed wearing his company ID badge inside the US Capitol building. The Company located in Maryland is a direct marketing company. Through a statement to an International news outlet, the company insists that any employee endangering the health and safety of others no longer has a place amongst them.