• Wed. Oct 28th, 2020


ByGladwell Wanjiku

Sep 7, 2020

People may no longer be meeting in restaurants or bars as they used to do before. Covid -19 has disrupted a lot of what was normal including; work, socialization, entertainment and the general living too.
On the socializing front, dating may be the most affected. The impact of social distancing seems to be felt strongest in online dating. Many apps have rolled out functionality and pricing changes to help people connect more deeply without meeting in person during this period of covid-19.
Instagram users are creating accounts dedicated to screenshotting terrible dating pickup lines like, “if the virus doesn’t take you can i?” that’s absurd right?
When physical connection is limited, humans are looking for other means to interact and video calling is meeting that demand, since more apps include the video options. Singles are going on video dates and using voice notes which are allowing them to enjoy each other’s company while safely distancing.
There have been a couple of chats and a lot of laughter about how weird meeting up for a socially distanced date would be. Though with so many pubs, bars and restaurants closed, the number of possible locations to meet have dwindled significantly, so video calls and socially distanced dates are the only options.

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