• Fri. Apr 16th, 2021
Nurse Lawanna has been in the isolated Pit where Covid-19 patients are ditched.

Texas is now the country’s worst hit by the Covid-19 pandemic in the United States. Just last week it reached the one million mark. Henceforth it is now the first country to reach that mark ever since the pandemic struck. This is in accordance with the New York Post reports.

Lawanna Rivers has brought to the limelight the saddening and horrific tale of Covid-19 patients. She is a nurse by profession who has displayed this misery through a Facebook video.

Covid-19 Patients Tale.

According to nurse Lawanna, patients with the worst cases are deserted in a secluded room. The isolated room is termed as “the pit”. She has made a shocking claim about University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas. Coincidentally, hospitals in this state are struggling tooth and nail in order to manage the rising Covid-19 cases.

Nurse Lawanna has been in the isolated Pit where Covid-19 patients are ditched.
Nurse Lawanna has been in the isolated Pit where Covid-19 patients are ditched.

The emotional nurse breaks down during the 50-minute video she was doing on Facebook. “ I saw a lot of innocent people die. That designated assignment in there really broke me but I had no alternative. They placed me in their “pit”. In here were eight patients. All of them were Covid positive. I got the worst orientation ever. During my first day, I  got very strict instructions. No patient who goes into the pit was to come out alive. Bodybags were their only way out.” Narrated an emotional Lawanna.

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City officials in the El Paso region have no other option than to set up four mobile morgues. This is to help them with the surging death numbers. However, they are living in fear of having to open up ten new morgues in order to fit the rising death tolls. In El Paso, they have extended a two-week lockdown that was to end on Wednesday. This is in order to help them minimize the infection rates.

Covid-19 Patients Neglected By Hospitals.

Nurse Lawanna is also accusing the hospital of insufficient services to the patients. In addition, she says some doctors did avoid giving them any sort of treatment. According to her when an emergency occurs they do run codes and do everything within their measures so as to save patients.

“Anyone who knows about CPR , each round is two minutes. This does include chest compressions and bagging patients. We do this using a handheld resuscitator,” says Nurse Lawanna . Apparently in the secluded room this was not the case.All the patients we coded we would not bag them in order to avoid  a lot of contact. According to this hospital’s policy Covid-19 patients only get three rounds of CPR. Not even a single patient made it out of all the codes we had,” narrates a grieving Lawanna.

Nevertheless favourism occurs in the hospital because a doctor’s wife is the sole survivor. According to Nurse Lawanna , the lady got preferential treatment unlike the rest. She blames the doctors for their negligence and lack of aggressiveness while attending to them. “A lot of them would have made it alive. If only those doctors would have valued them and treat them aggressively. Its so heartbreaking watching people breath their last.”