• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

Doctors in Kenya have asked the government not to open schools until they are sure they have been able to fight covid-19 virus in the country.

Kenya medical association has said the schools are not supposed to be opened unless our communities have been able to fight the virus completely.

KMA chairman Were onyimo has said that according to the samples done daily are not enough to show how we have been able to fight the virus because they are very small. The association has called upon the government to assure them that the covid-19 cases will not rise as school opens.

They have further requested the government to send at least one doctor in each school because this can help in fighting the virus and also keeping schools safe from the spread of covid-19. These doctors are supposed to always be available in case any student gets sick.

They also asked the ministry of education to make sure that all students get enough resources required to keep them clean and safe from covid-19 whenever they are in school.

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