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Drought Strikes Mathioya

ByJimmy Gathege

Jan 28, 2021
water scarcity disaster

Water has been an inadequate commodity in some parts of the Mathioya constituency. The constituency lies at the slopes of Aberdare Ranges. The disappointing fact is that Aberdare Ranges is a water tower. Water companies have been working hard to supply water in several parts of Central Kenya. However, some villages in Mathioya, only have water points and symbols of water. Terraces have been dug and pipes being laid to cross the water in various sub-county.

Anger fills residents of Kiriti village, Kiriko in Mathioya Sub-County following lack of water and infrastructure. Residents claim there is water that is passing through their shambas. However, its intended to be supplied in the neighboring Kiharu Sub-county yet they have dry taps.

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Mathioya Water Disaster

Residents claim water was brought to them some years back. However, they could not afford to pay it monthly claiming it’s expensive. Per month each paid 500 shillings but financial crisis could not allow. They also added they have several points where they fetch water which they claim it’s not good for consumption.

Residents had organized a peaceful demo to air their grievances. The end goal being benefitting from the water. In addition, they have a storage tank built in their village. They request consideration as water flows to the other areas. Officials from the various departments will hold a meeting with the residents on Tuesday next week to explain the issue.

water scarcity disaster
water scarcity disaster

However, the residents still want an explanation as to why Kanjama-Gitugi roads are incomplete. Apparently, it was tarmacked for 1km yet it is said to be complete. They added their homes were left fenceless but the contractor failed to complete the work. The contractor told them to clear their fences to allow the road construction. However, residents cannot use the road whenever it rains. Apparently, the contractor left hills of soil and it has created trouble for several people.