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Education Is Satanic!!!


Feb 1, 2021
ministry of education

Education is the key to success. This phrase runs throughout the academic years. Across the borders, the power of education is emphasized. However, it’s a different tale in Nanyuki town. A thirty-six-year-old woman terms education as devilish. Esther Njeri has for instance terminated her children’s education.

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Despite Esther terming education as satanic, she has her certificates. The mother of two holds two Bachelor’s Degrees. Esther has an accounting degree and also another one in Commerce. Her thirteen-year-old daughter is in form two. While her eight-year-old boy in a primary class. Confusion reigns in her neighborhood. Esther has of late warned her friends and also family about the end times. According to her, the world is coming to a stop. Furthermore, she’s asking them to repent before 31st December 2021.


Education Disaster

During the operation, village elders flanked the chief. Apparently, the chief says the children never reported to school in January. This occurs despite all classes resuming after the one year break due to Coronavirus. Esther also insists that she’s set for the hand of justice. According to her, this fate is similar to the troubles of Meshack, Shadrack, and Abednego. Currently, she’s in police custody.

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Elsewhere, the number of school dropouts in Nothern Kenya on the rise. Approximately 1.2 million kids have fallen victim. According to the affected counties Governors, insecurity, lack of teachers, and also drought contribute to high numbers. In addition, is the ongoing Coronavirus. Mandera County Governor Ibrahim Ali Roba spots inadequate numbers of teachers as the prime cause. “We have a shortage of four hundred and thirty-seven teachers in secondary schools. In addition, primary schools have a short of 3,010 teachers. We urgently need the President’s intervention,” said Ali Roba.

ministry of education
ministry of education

This ongoing disaster comes to light during the ongoing two days governors retreat. Those involved are the ten governors from the affected counties.