• Tue. Oct 27th, 2020

Egypt to receive Spanish batch next March.

Byflorence wairimu

Aug 27, 2020

Egypt Minister of Transport Kamel Al-Wazir expects the arrival of first train of the Spanish integrated train deal next March.

Wazir added in a statement on Wednesday that the deal had been contracted with Spanish company Talgo to import six trains with the value of €157 million, in addition to signing a 6-year maintenance contract with the same company.

He pointed out that current fleet of passenger vehicles is being developed, as 200 regular vehicles are being developed in corporation with SEMAF factory and rehabilitation of 90 Spanish vehicles has been completed in authority’s workshops in Abu Rady.

Ministry of Transport in Cairo announced the arrival of a new batch of new railway passenger vehicles, totaling 13, to Alexandria Port, as part of a deal to manufacture and supply1300 new vehicles.

The minister said a statement that the deal is the largest deal in history of Egyptians Railways, which was signed by ERA and Russian company.

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