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Enslaved mother begs for freedom

ByMuthoni Githire

Oct 7, 2020

A 34-year-old mother of three is said to have become a household slave in Medina, Saudi Arabia. This is according to her family, who are begging for assistance to bring Mwanaiki Said home to Mtongwe, Mombasa. Her children aged twelve, eight and five are crying for her.

Her family, in great distress says that Mwanaiki is beaten, kept hungry and unpaid, and forced to repeat the chores she has already done. Her boss even pours cold water on her bed so she cannot sleep. To make matters worse, her smartphone was destroyed and she was given a cheap handset. She was once struck on the head with a rod for daring to make herself a cup of tea. In short, she is a prisoner, locked in the house.

Haki Africa’s Harriet Muganda, Mwanaiki’s mother Saumu Omar, her uncle Masasi Omar and Haki Africa’s Mathias Shipeta at Haki Africa offices on Tuesday, October 6

Mwanaiki Said’s dream of changing her life and that of her family around became a nightmare of bondage after only two months in the Gulf country. She left Kenya in November for what she anticipated would be greener pastures. Her friends had swayed her to leave her casual job at a godown in Mombasa where she earned Sh12,000 a month. The domestic work in Saudi Arabia was to pay at least Sh30, 000 a month. According to her, work started well and she sent home Sh25,000 for the first two months.

 However, things took an unexpected turn when suddenly, her employer, a woman, started finding error in her work, beating her and forcing her to repeat almost every task. She has not been paid since February. “When she called, complained she is forced to do dishes or laundry twice. Her employer said laundry or dishes were not clean enough” Saumu Omar, Mwanaiki’s mother, told the media. Speaking at Haki Africa offices on Tuesday, Omar said her daughter used to cry every time she called, asking her family to do whatever they can to liberate her and bring her back home.

“I cannot stand her suffering anymore. She is beaten daily and has become hopeless. She asks me to care for her three children, as she cannot see herself coming home alive,” Omar said.

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