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Family Hacked To Death


Jan 7, 2021
family hacked to death

Death is an unexpected visitor. No one knows the time nor the hour of their last breath. Today the 6th of January 2021, five family members died painfully. Despite the tragedy, three of the children survived. At the time of the incident, they were in school. They have been found dead in their home that’s located in Ndundu village, Karura ka Murimo in Kiambu County. However, neighbors claim brutal murder. Unknown assailants raided their homes and hacked them all.

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The deceased comprise Njoroge Warunge, his lovely wife, their two children, and also a niece. However, unanswered phone calls raised suspicions among family members. Reports indicate that their mobile phones went continually unanswered. Coincidentally, their death occurs a day after that of their farm-worker.

family members die same day
family members die same day

Family Members

The farmworker’s body was found in a neighboring compound. According to witnesses, his body had severe wounds. Sadly, his killers had separated. For instance, people found his torso in the neighboring compound. However, the head was outside the family’s house.

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Homicide detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations are currently handling the case. The saddening incident takes place after a couple and their three kids were found dead. This occurred in Githurai, Nairobi County. Police received an alert from neighbors who found the dead family member’s bodies. In addition, reports indicate that Kirumba Jacob, Doris his wife, and also their children suffocated to death. They suffocated due to inhaling carbon monoxide.

At around ten p.m. neighbors decided to check on them since they had not locked the locked with a padlock. When they opened the door, neighbors found the five bodies lying lifeless. It’s suspected that the family died from suffocation from the charcoal jiko. Neighbors found the jiko inside the house” reads part of the police reports. Police suspect the assailants were on an elimination mission. This occurs because the suspects left the home without stealing anything.

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