• Wed. May 12th, 2021
Fashion design

Fashion design is the art of applying beautiful attractive and appealing designs in cloth making. It is mainly influenced by social, cultural attitudes and also acts that vary time and place.

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Fashion designers work in a number of ways in designing their clothing and accessories such as neckless and bracelets. Time is required to bring out consumer taste in the market. They try to do it more functional.

Fashion is very distinctive and often a habitual trend in which a person dresses. Designers have a role of researching about the design and interpret it for their audience. One can also do it for his clients on their own time.

Fashion design
Fashion design


How to match colors when designing in fashion.

When designing to choose complementary colors. Some complementary colors are blue and orange. Two colors are a good shoot.  Hue are Colors that come from a combination.

Black can go with  yellow however there is a look bright.

For an expected fabulous look if handled properly red and pink can make it. However, red and pink don’t go together. A few beautiful dress designs are ready to use in vector.

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Many people ask themselves how can I  come with a particular design. There is a software one can use called Edraw. It can be done by anyone who is willing to come up with a  fast and simple fashion design. Using the software you can resize the design and come out with an attractive design. Some draw their ideas on paper while draping a piece of fabric on a dress form. Some fashion designers market their own designs which they set up under their own label. Larger designers have a name that represents a brand name.

Most designers however work for apparel manufacturers creating designs for men, women, children fashion for the mass market. Therefore, It usually caters for a wide range of customers. It also produces ready-made designs using trending and latest designs with famous names. To save money some designers use cheap fabrics and simpler production techniques which can be easily done by the machine.