• Fri. Oct 30th, 2020

A family from Tudor, Mombasa has been stuck in India for a period of one and a half years after tumbling in debts while catering for the medical bills of an ill daughter. The family has been struggling to clear a medical bill of Ksh.3.2 Million after being smacked with a bill of Kshs. 11 Million following their stay in India.

Walter Njoroge left Kenya back in 2019 to seek medical aid after his daughter Fiona Wanjiku developed a kidney problem while still in Form One. “We have overstayed in India and now we are overwhelmed financially. We have gross running expenses of over Ksh.10 Million, thankfully the medical cover catered for most of the bill. “We have expenses of covering for new tickets because the initial ones expired and we also have daily expenses,” said the father.

One of the family members back in Mombasa exposed how much the family uses in medication and how they borrowed money from a friend in India. “We had to borrow from friends to clear the hospital bill, Wanjiru and Walter now have the friend’s debts, hotel arrears and pharmacy debts”. “Fiona is using expensive medication because she uses up to Ksh.40, 000 per week and if it was back here in Kenya it would have cost up to Kshs. 100, 000,” stated one of the family members.

The 16-year-old had to undergo two surgeries while in India to correct her kidney problem with the second one being fruitful. Mostly, the money that the family is now using to provide their basic needs is coming from sympathizers.

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