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Fuel Prices Remains Unchanged.

Bysarah wanjiku

Apr 16, 2021
fuel prices

Fuel prices in the last two months have been rising to a three-digit high leading to a backlash from the public against the government. The Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority EPRA  said the pump prices for the month of April will be retained as those announced in march after two consecutive hikes in the last two months. ‘’in the period under review, the prices for super petrol, diesel, and kerosene remain unchanged from the March 2021 pump prices,’’ EPRA said without giving reasons for retaining fuel prices.

Cut off margin supply

Last month government justified the high fuel prices to an increase in crude oil prices in the international market. The fear of the upward reviewing fuelling causes public anger by claiming the high cost of living. This caught the attention of the statehouse and the national intelligence services NIS. It leads to a suggestion of a sudden meeting. Involving top officials at the treasury, the ministry of energy, and EPRA to discuss the review.

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The decision was made last night to keep the fuel prices unchanged and still. The cut in the oil marketers margins regulation by the state since 2010 with a promise of compensations estimated at sh 1.7 billion. Diesel margin has been cut by sh 2.28 to sh 10.08 a litre. Kerosene has been lowered to sh 8.89 from sh 12.36. ‘’we made a late decision to cut the suppliers ‘ margin and offer millions of motorists a relief. This was more of a political decision than an economic one’’ said the ministry of energy official who requested not to be identified.

fuel prices
fuel prices

Kenyans on social media have recently raised concern over reduced cash flow. Fewer employment opportunities and mounting public debt, which trigger a petition to the International Monetary Fund IMF. This will stop giving the country more loans,