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ByBeatrice Muthoni

Jul 31, 2020

Sudden flow has been reported about teen pregnancies in one single county over a period of five months thus threatening to cut short the pursuit for education among school girls. According to a report recently released by the national council on population and development (NCPD) shows that two out five teenagers in the country are either young mothers or pregnant.

Since the covid-19 pandemic hit more than 20,828 girls aged between 10-14 have become mothers while 24,106 of the older girls aged between 15-19 are either pregnant or mothers already.

Therefore in Kajiado County they have decided to come up with a campaign for girls termed as “funga miguu” after the county statistics showed that between January and May 1,529 girls from Kajiado County were already pregnant.

The campaign is also aimed at informing them against progressive cultural practices that result in early marriage and teen pregnancy. The campaign is said to be a partnership between the children officers non-governmental organization in the area.

A report by the children’s department in the county shows more than 190 minors mostly primary school girls were expectant, this may have triggered the launch of the campaign. 

Children rights activists Dorcas Parit and Eve Melin say the Funga Miguu program is geared towards pushing for self-denial.

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