• Sat. Nov 28th, 2020

He Is The First Magistrate With A Caring Heart

terror attack..

An Embu court has reprimanded policemen who locked up a suspect who was seriously injured in a bar brawl and did not take him to hospital. Henry Nyakwemba, the Principal Magistrate, said it was wrong for Itabua police station officers to keep Sammy Mbogo, who had a serious eye and forehead injury, in the cell without taking him to the hospital.

Nyakwemba noted that this is a mistake that should never be repeated again, wondering what would have happened if the suspect bled internally in the brain and died in the cell. Mbogo was taken to court to answer for charges after a fight at Kivue Town in Embu County, he said he was injured as he was trying to separate revelers who were fighting during a birthday party.

The suspect could not see with his left eye, which was swollen. He said he was locked up at the station and was never taken to the hospital despite the pain. Nyakwemba released the suspect so that he could go to hospital and return to plead to his charges on October 26 this year.

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