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Health Complications after covid-19


Nov 17, 2020
covid-19 cases on the rise
Health complications after recovering from Covid-19 are on the rise.

Health complications after recovering from Covid-19 are on the rise. Coverscan study in the United Kingdom has pointed out severe after-effects of Covid-19.

The study has revealed a significant symptom burden and evidence of heart, lung, liver and pancreas impairment. Especially, four months after recovering from corona virus. Young individuals are the most affected.

According to the study the victims experience short term symptoms such as fatigue; shortness of breath, myalgia, headache and arthralgia. This shows that covid-19 persists four months after infection.

Dan Ndiwa, a consultant general surgeon in Eldoret, who contracted Covid-19 more than a month ago, says he now experiences extreme fatigue. He also experiences persistent headaches that don’t seem to respond to pain killers.

“The fatigue is really bad. When I wake up I feel like I have been working kwa mjengo (construction site). I am always lazy and do not want to work,” he says.

Fatigue and headaches greatly inconvenience Dr. Ndiwa. He sleeps too much (Somnolence) when the fatigue sets and loses sleep (Insomnia) when headache starts.

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Mwita Riro, a consultant physician at Kiambu Level Five Hospital, says people diagnosed with Covid-19 develop other health problems.

He explains that the virus affects major organs like the heart, causing heart failure. Also, it affects the brain, causing mental challenges, lungs, causing respiratory problems; and the pancreas, causing diabetes.

Moreover, Dr. Riro highlights that the virus also causes blood clotting. This affects the arteries, veins and the small blood vessels.

“Complications of the disease vary from one patient to another. For instance, those with other preexisting conditions like diabetes and hypertension are more vulnerable,” says Dr. Riro.

The Lancet Study: Health Complications

Cardiovascular diseases play an important role in Covid-19 pathology early in the pandemic this is according to the study in The Lancet. It also reported Myocardial (Heart muscle) inflammation after recovery from Covid-19, even in asymptomatic or mild symptomatic patients.

Riro advises individuals who recover from the virus to regularly visit physicians for timely diagnosis and treatment of heart problems, diabetes and hypertension.

“It is only through check-up that other health complications can be detected and treated,” he says.