• Wed. Nov 25th, 2020
hearse purchased by bondo nurses after saving up for it

There are always two sides to a coin. Whether you do good or bad, negative and positive comments will arise. In Bondo sub-county nurses have been receiving praise and criticism because of buying a hearse.

A picture of the acting Chief Health Officer, Eunice Fwaya commissioning a hearse has illicited mixed reactions. Apparently, the caption indicates that the nurses are celebrating their ‘investment’.Over the years they have been saving to acquire their own hearse.


The nurses are still in shock as they digest how their innocent motive has been mistaken. According to the nurses association chairman, Dominic Omollo, they began raising funds for the project back in 2017. By last when delivering the 2.8 million hearse, they had achieved their project objective. The hearse itself cost 2.4 million and fitting cost 400,000.

hearse purchased by bondo nurses after saving up for it
hearse purchased by Bondo nurses after saving up for it

“Our mission was to have a long-term solution to the problem of transporting the bodies of our members for burials. Each time we are faced with these depressing circumstances, transportation is an issue. This investment is not for business”.Omollo said during a prior interview.

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In addition to that, Omollo explained how they have been using a lot of funds whenever they are giving their colleagues send-off. Kisumu is the nearest place they get a hearse. Some time back they spent 24,000 when transporting the body of their colleague from Bondo Kisii. To them, the new hearse will help cut costs and also help give their departed colleagues a befitting send-off.


Nevertheless, the association’s officials are blaming netizens for thrashing at them without precise details. To them, this is a noble idea and not a way of sourcing money from patients. ” If it is a matter of business we can opt to take the hearse to Kisumu. We swore an oath to save lives. Furthermore, we cannot take our patients’ lives so as to get cash from the hearse. This initiative was actually discussed with the County Government before us implementing,” he explained.

Also, Omollo said the nurses had made contributions towards purchasing a staff bus. Some declined the idea because many institutions have buses and vans hence suggesting a hearse. Due to owning a hearse, fuel is the only cost they are likely to incur.


Siaya County Government acting Communications director Auscar Wambiya, has appreciated the nurses. His only prayer and hope is that this new operation will not be a hindrance to their daily objectives.

“We applaud our nurses as they continue to save lives during this Covid-19 pandemic. We hope that this new venture will not distract them from their noble course of saving lives. They are entitled to engage in welfare associations so as to supplement their welfare programs,just like other groups” added Auscar Wambiya.

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