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Homabay nurse test results raise a red flag


Aug 4, 2020 ,

Controversies and questions have risen following nurse Marian’s death. The main question being what realty did she succumb to? Was there negligence of duty from medics? Were her COVID-19 tests accurate? Why the sudden change in her tests results? Are our medical practitioners sure about their knowledge on the virus?

Theatre nurse Marian Awuor’s death has exposed deficiencies in county hospitals when it comes to handling COVID-19 patients as it has emerged that she was moved to Kisii Teaching & Referral Hospital due to lack of specialists in her home county. On July 19th 2020, she was wheeled to KTRH isolation treatment and admitted to their High Dependency Unit {HDU} on referral from Rachuonyo Sub-County Hospital after she complained of breathing difficulties & chest pains. Her first test turned out negative but she had symptoms similar to those of coronavirus.

At 33 weeks, second test results turned out to be positive following samples taken from her within four days of her admission. On July 24 at 10.20pm Marian delivered a bouncing baby boy weighing 1.8kg while on oxygen support though she had requested to have a normal delivery.“My wife was headed for the theatre for delivery through a caesarean section but she insisted on delivering the normal way,” Mr Okal said, describing her as a loving, hardworking, intelligent and development-conscious woman.

Five days later doctors manning the isolation center announced she had recovered from coronavirus after a 3rd test showed negative results, this was on 29th July. Doctors deemed her fit to be discharged or relocated to the general ward on Monday but she unfortunately passed away on Sunday evening at 4: 01pm after an hour of frantic efforts by medics to save her. According to the Hospital Chief Executive Officer the sudden change of results shocked them all. “This is a new disease that we are learning to manage,” Mr. Enock Ondari said.

According to WHO once the first COVID-19 test is done there ought to be a minimum of two weeks so that the second test can be done. This time span is essential so that if the virus is there it can be detected well with the second test or if the first test was positive a change of results can be seen. But in Marian’s case in less than two weeks her test results have had to change thrice raising a red alarm and endless questions. This incidence has left the family heartbroken & according to the husband investigations have to be done to ascertain the cause of her death and also give him peace. She is set to be laid to rest on Friday.

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